Steven Wilson: The Future Bites (LP, Caroline)

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A total work of art that transcends genre boundaries

Between progressive pop and spherical electronic sounds, krautrock and funk, acoustic arrangements and epic soundscapes, "The Future Bites" by Steven Wilson has become a total work of art that transcends genre boundaries.

The Future Bites is the sixth studio album by British musician Steven Wilson. It was co-produced by Wilson and David Kosten and recorded in London. The album deals with "two recurring themes" of Wilson's musical output, identity and technology, with a press release noting that it "picks apart our 21st century utopia, while also allowing for moments of personal growth and optimism". It was also called "less a bleak vision of an approaching dystopia, more a curious reading of the here and now", and lead single "Personal Shopper" was noted to expand on the electronic elements of Wilson's previous work, "fully diving into dance and neo-disco while somehow keeping a rock edge".


(No reviews yet) Write a Review