Bob Dylan - Desire (MFSL 2LP 180g)

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MFSL 2-416
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2 x Vinyl LP
MFSL 2-416
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Desire is unwieldy and messy, the unmistakable work of a collective. Bob Dylan is flanked by more than a dozen musicians, including Emmylou Harris, contributes the wonderful background vocals. Under the influence of shattering relationship with his wife Sara Bard of controls in some of his most personal title. But Desire is not only from Dylan's feelings and privacy. With Hurricane, he lifts the fate of the wrongly convicted of murder boxer Rubin Carter into the public consciousness and thus writes his first protest song for years.

A variety of styles combined in titles such as Mozambique, One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below), Isis and Joey. Desire is one of the most intriguing albums of the 19.0070s and 80s - captivating, lyrical and musical than many later of Dylan's publications and appears now as 180g double-vinyl LP with 45 rpm The remastering from the original master tapes took over war Wunderlich, assisted. by Shawn R. Britton and Rob Loverde. The LP appears in gatefold sleeve with consecutive serial number in limited edition.


Side One

1. Hurricane

2. Isis

Side Two

3. Mozambique

4. One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)

5. Oh, Sister

Side Three

6. Joey

7. Romance in Durango

Side Four

8. Black Diamond Bay

9. Sara


(No reviews yet) Write a Review