Alison Krauss & Union Station: So Long, So Wrong (MFSL 2LP 180g)

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MFSL 2-276
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2 X Vinyl LP
MFSL 2-276
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For the first time ever available on vinyl, this double LP. Alison Kraus has since built up in audiophile circles through their albums an excellent reputation. Whether you classify the music more in the area or country in the field of bluegrass remains questionable. Maybe the music is simply superb singer / songwriter work. In eight of the 13 vocal pieces accompanied Alison Krauss sings itself. Her voice has a rare combination of articulation and loneliness, which certainly contributes to outstanding success. The other pieces are sung by the band members. The Barry Bales are on acoustic bass, Ron Black on banjo and guitar, Adam Steffey on mandolin and Dan Tyminský on guitar. The accompanying band UNION STATION has already recorded several albums with her and this is far the best. The album is the absolute tip for people who want to be inspired by the sound qualities of a MFSL production.


1. So Long So Wrong - 3:22
2. No Place to Hide - 3:28
3. Deeper Than Crying - 3:07 
4. I Can Let Go Now - 2:27
5. The Road Is a Lover - 3:11
6. Little Liza Jane - 1:43 
7. It Doesn't Matter - 3:52 
8. Find My Way Back to My Heart - 3:33 
9. I'll Remember You Love in My Prayers - 3:02 
10. Looking in the Eyes of Love - 4:19.00 
11. Pain of a Troubled Life - 2:54 
12. Happiness - 3:55 
13. Blue Trail of Sorrow - 3:19.00 
14. There Is a Reason - 5:35


(No reviews yet) Write a Review