10.000 Maniacs – In my Tribe (MFSL LP 140g)

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MOFI 1-013
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MOFI 1-013
Mobile Fidelity

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The Ten Thousand madman named themselves after a horror movie and were one of the most famous band in American colleges 80s. The memorable voice of lead singer Natalie Merchant and the fresh songs with dark backgrounds such as alcoholism, child abuse and illiteracy were a commercial success and remained after the 19.0087 debut full 77 weeks in the US charts.

Musically there is a certain proximity to REM with a pinch of good humor. Producer Peter Asher, who worked previously for Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor, knows his stuff and leaves the energy in the songs while he's regard for the professionalism of a large production you yet. Sonically, the album is fresh and open and provides exceptional voice Natalie Merchants ago squeaky-clean guitars, a restrained bass and clean work on the hi-hats of the drums. The new mastering was done by Paul Stubblebine in Mofi studio.

Natalie Merchant describes in retrospect the music of the 10,000 Maniacs as "proletarian" because you were aware that you were born in the working class of a small town and began to understand that the decline of small towns in the era not stop after Reagan and Bush Sr. would . They lived in an atmosphere of decay and nostalgia, while politicians have increasingly moved to the right.


1. What's the Matter Here?

2. Hey Jack Kerouac

3. Like the Weather

4. Cherry Tree

5. The Painted Desert

6. Don't Talk

7. Gun Shy

8. My Sister Rose

9. A Campfire Song

10. City of Angels

11. Verdi Cries

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Silver Label

Under the product label releases MFSL Silver since the beginning of 2011 a new series of LPs. These are mastered at Mobile Fidelity on the constructed by Tim de Paravicini mastering new chain and cut and pressed at RTI on 140g vinyl in Los Angeles. The packaging complies with a lined rice paper inner sleeve, a protective liner casing and a consecutive serial number on the outer cover the same high standards as the Original Master Recording Series known. Mobile Fidelity also planning a series of experimental publications in this series and is also willing to be content with a copy of the master tape to take if the original tape can not be made available. All LPs appear as Limited Edition and are likely to become sought-after collector's items.


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