jazzhaus is a new music label featuring an indefinite number of audio and video jazz programs taken from live radio and television recordings from the archives of Südwestrundfunk Stuttgart, Baden-Baden and Mainz in south west Germany.

Jazz broadcasts by Südwestrundfunk (SWR) started in the summer of 1947 with young impresarios Joachim Ernst Berendt and Dieter Zimmerle. Today, almost 65 years later, the archives contain about 1,600 audio and more than 350 television recordings of all major modern jazz artists - probably the biggest collection of unpublished live jazz recordings in the world: 3,000 hours – and almost all of it has never been released before. More than 400 ensembles and soloists are listed – many of them recorded three, four, five or more times over the decades. 

For the last  three years, the jazzhaus team has been thoroughly researching the vaults, carefully making the final selections. The old tapes are currently being remastered to high-end technology standards and will be released on CD, DVD & vinyl.

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